Opening Doors Properties works with other investors in locating investments, funding properties, and even partnering on projects.

Are you interested in joining our group of private lenders? Want to invest in real estate but lack the time or knowledge? We use private money to fund our real estate deals. The money in your savings account, CD, money market, or IRA could be generating you much higher returns, secured by real estate.

Want to know more about using your IRA to invest in real estate TAX FREE? We are amazed at the number of people that have no idea that they can use their IRA to invest in real estate! Watch your IRA explode with this investing strategy!

Want to partner up with us and get great returns? We are always considering additional private lending partners with this unique opportunity. Projects come through our doors everyday. Let’s see if we can work on one together!

About Us

At the heart of Opening Doors Properties is an overwhelming desire to just make life better for others. Brother and sister team, Chad and Carie Tate, partnered with their mother, Diana, to build a comprehensive Real Estate solutions team.

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